Here at ABC’s of Learning we’ve been conducting our weekly training to provide our staff with the knowledge and tools they need to be effective, ethical behavior technicians. Our ultimate goal for every technician we bring on is registration with our certification board, the BACB. Through this training we provide our staff with in-depth practice of behavior analytic principles, ethical compliance, and data collection. 

This week we’ve taken a dive into what it means to practice behavior analysis ethically so as to always ensure our clients’ dignity and rights are upheld. We covered every section of the BACB’s RBT ethics code, including responsible conduct, practicing within one’s scope, upholding our responsibilities to our clients, maintaining confidentiality, data collection and display, and maintaining professional communication with our clients’ families. 

We also took a look at client assent and what it means to respect our clients’ preferences and autonomy so as to foster great working relationships and increase our clients’ independence. We strive to pay attention to our clients, picking up on their behaviors, preferences, and body language, ensuring that they are always safe and comfortable. After all – we want our clients to be as happy here as we are and want to make their learning experiences as rewarding as possible! 

A large portion of our training was centered upon what we here at ABC’s can do to ensure our clients’ wishes are being heard and respected. We like to provide them with choices and follow through on the decisions they make so that they know they have a say in their own lives and that the things they want are important to us. Our first priority is always to provide our clients with the tools they need to communicate their wants and needs to us – this, in combination with the functional skills we work on daily, is key to achieving that independence we strive for. 

Next week we’ll be taking a look at verbal behavior and the principles of ABA, but we started with ethics because it is one of the key pillars that our organization was founded on. Our clients and their needs come first to us, and that is an essential value to have to be a part of the ABC’s family. 


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