Autism Mom

April is Autism awareness month, prior to my son’s diagnosis I never knew this existed, to be completely honest I had no idea what Autism was, nor did I know of anyone with Autism. I guess that’s how it usually goes until it’s you or a family member affected, how ironic because now every month, day and hour is Autism awareness.
I have a 7 year old son that has Autism. And I am using this opportunity to allow you all to experience our world through our eyes. With Autism it brings mixed emotions and misunderstandings of this Invisible disability. From a parents perspective no one wants to hear that something is wrong with your child let alone your child being diagnosed with a disability. No one speaks about the emotional roller coaster that this disability forces on your family. No one speaks about the sleepless nights and the countless tears you cry that could easily flood a river, or the self blame that we tend to put on ourselves. On the other hand Autism is also a beautiful thing. Having a son with Autism has opened up a whole new world for us, I have become a full time nurse, therapist, doctor, educator,  but most importantly an advocate. I have become the voice that speaks for my son.  Our life is now submerged with doctors that we have to see on a regular schedule, Our home has become a revolving door for therapist that come multiple times a week, it may all seem overwhelming to you, but these people have become a part of our family and I am happy to have them all,  “it takes a village to raise a child” and this here is our very own village.
After receiving my son’s diagnosis I used this opportunity to educated myself on autism which helped me view my son as an individual, and not his disability nor his age group. Watching him gain independence and seeing him reach milestones and overcome goals, with patience, hard work, and dedication has made me want to provide this gift of independence to other families. So 6 years ago I made the career choice to practice ABA through various companies to give families the joy I experience watching my son become the best version of him.
Sincerely, Felicia Patrick an Autism Mom

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